I never reblog, but this is wonderful.  I will make my kids watch it once a month for the rest of their lives.


Wil Wheaton’s response to a little girl on how to deal with being called a nerd


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Alchemist Hook What?

Are we overthinking this thing with Hook’s potion delivery story? He’s been shown before to be kind of embarrassed taking the credit for heroic deeds. Maybe this is just him sort passing the buck because he doesn’t want to say what he really went through to get it. Can’t wait to find out what that is, though.

I do hope what he told the Charmings was not true. I hate to think he made Emma drink something that he wasn’t sure where it came from or what was actually in it. Reckless, Killy.


Looking for a CS fic

If it exists, I would like to read a CS fic from inside the Echo Cave.  After Hook’s confession, Emma started to move towards him, like she was going to say something.  I NEED fic about what she would have said/done if MM hadn’t cut her off (on purpose? I see what you did there, MM).  Please link?


Love at first sight, was it, Captain?

I’ve been thinking too hard about the scene at the end of the OUAT finale, specifically Hook’s failed attempt at True Love’s Kiss. I have…an interpretation:

He seems to be aware of TLK’s power, and therefore possibly also its limitations. After he goes for it, he says it was a long shot, but worth a try. “I was hoping you felt as I did.” Past tense, right? I think maybe what he’s really doing here is admitting (again?) that he fell for her as soon as he first met her, and he was hoping she had just had a similar experience when she opened the door to find him there. He means, “I was hoping you felt just now what I felt when I first saw you.”

Of course it doesn’t work, that would be too easy. And Emma’s much too guarded to be a love at first sight kind of girl. I agree, though, it was worth a shot. Sorry, Killy. Try again. Also, stop it. You’re killing me.


"Saul, I saw it in his eyes."

Season 2, episode 4, “New Car Smell.”  Did Brody “make” Carrie in the bar?  Did he actually figure out that she wasn’t really there in a friendly capacity?  I’m going with YES.  YES, HE DID.  If you disagree or are on the fence, please see exhibits A through D below:

A. This is how Brody normally looks at Carrie when things seem copacetic.  He’s all sparkly eyed and affectionate, even when he knows he should be wary.

B.  But then he digs at her about the ECT, and she slips.  She lets him see this face, which clearly says, “I wanna rip your skin off, you sonofabitch.” (Thanks, Quinn.)

C. After that, he’s looking at her wrong.  He’s not looking at her like she’s a sunrise, or a sports car, or a soul mate.  He’s wary, and scared, and closed off.  Add to that the fact that he cuts and runs here, and they don’t end up in bed (which really they normally would), and this is a no-brainer for Carrie.

D. Just to hammer it home, look at his body language when she gets up to his room.  His posture is completely defensive.  Back up, arms out, poised and ready to either fight or flee.  He’s even wiggling his fingers on his left hand in anticipation of having to make a move.

This is a fucking brilliant, many layered sequence that I just can’t get enough of.  I have a lot more thoughts and feels about what plays out next.  Maybe I’ll get to that soon.

I love the way Brody looks at Carrie.  At least, when things are okay and they aren’t on the bullet train to mutual destruction.  She just lights him up.

I love the way Brody looks at Carrie.  At least, when things are okay and they aren’t on the bullet train to mutual destruction.  She just lights him up.


Homeland Season Finale Triggers Zombie Apocalypse

Is what I think the headlines will be on Monday morning.  Cause I read the finale spoilers.  And then I died.

And yet….here I am typing this.  Which can really mean only one thing, right?

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